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Mrs. Clinton for President 2016


It’s high time that the so called leader of the free world should have its first female president. In 2008 Mrs Clinton was pushed aside in favor of Barack Obama, she would have won the presidency that year. The USA, who has boasted about women’s equality and has all kinds of associations and clubs speaking about the rights of women in the USA,

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Postfix and OSX El Capitan

Postfix on El Capitan


I decided to write this little tutorial to help those who want to set up and run Postfix as a mail relay on their Mac Computer for website and webserver development purposes. Lot of hobbyist and people interested in do it yourself and self hosted websites often have problems setting up a postfix as their mail relay program on their developmental webserver.

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DC Weather

Washington DC blizzard

DC blizzard

After all the Weather “baccannal” and “laccuray” yesterday and Friday. The sun is out in all its splendor and brilliance with blue cloudless skies and behaving just like ah Rel Trini Oman, after they done fling you clothes outside and tell you to go, them doh want you again, you totie small, they have ah man down the road does take good care of them.

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DC Lawless Children

Washington DC lawless Teenagers


When will WMATA and the District of Columbia get tough on juveniles who cause disruptions on the Orange, Blue and Silver lines everyday. Will Metro and the District wait until some kids get killed or severely injured before they take some kind of actions. Every night, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, DC’s Lawless children from south east cause massive disruptions on the Orange,Blue and Silver lines between L’Enfant Plaza to Minnesota Ave Stations.

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Station Managers

Graduation Day

Station Managers

Graduation day is finally here. After 11 weeks of intensive training, class 15-06 finally became full fledged Station Managers on September 2nd 2015. Station Managers are the frontlined uniformed personnel you will most likely encounter when you ride the Metro rail in Washington DC.

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Another Year

Well, it’s been the end of another year and the beginning of a new one for me….didn’t have much challenges in the one just ended…and I don’t see much of a challenge in the foreseeable future.

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Washington DC Museums

Black History Museum in Washington DC


Is this an Insult, a Reminder or work of Art…..The New African-American museum under contruction in Washington DC, is enclosed by metal bars or steel beams, which reminds one of the U.S prison system…..

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