It’s been a while!!


Working the Satellites

Making contacts via Amateur Radio Satellite

It been a while since I last posted on this site.
I am enjoying my radio hobby, I have been keeping myself occupied by my involvement into Satellites and amateur radio.

Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) has been a satisfying and rewarding hobby for me. There is always something new to learn or build.

In my spare time, I go to different parks, set up my radios there and talk to people around the world and via Satellites. I am also heavily into the Parks on the Air program (POTA), It is a sort of radio sport where ham radio operators take their radios and antennas and set up in a park and use various communication modes including Morse code to talk to people down the block, around the world and even via satellites, some of which are a few hundred miles in space.

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Just a thought for the moment!!!!


Hmmmmmm!!!! You like talking in parables.

It’s always important to work on ourselves before we commit to something and then get a bad experience. I have a story and likewise you will too ..and if we don’t sort our past out, it will affect our future. And hence at this time I have a lot to fix that takes time…

Everybody over a certain age have a history.
There is nothing we can change about the past, it is gone, gone gone.

Tomorrow is a mystery!!!! So live only for today. Enjoy today, because today will soon be the past.


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Amateur Radio during COVID-19 lock down


With lot of free time and no overtime work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found the time to set up a digital ham radio station and to try out a new mode of communication.

Although I was not totally locked down, I still had to go to work because we were deemed to be critical employees, not just essential employees.

From home to work and back home, there was nothing else to do but start some new projects or complete those that were put on hold for many months.

So I chose to set up this digital ham radio station and try out a digital communication mode called FT8.


My Digital Ham Radio Station

Finding time to play around with my favorite hobby.

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One of my favorite fruit.


Papaya or Paw Paw

I eat just like that or I make Papaya chow by adding salt, pepper, lime juice, Chandon beni, some olive oil and even some chive to it, depending on the taste I want on any given day.

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10 meters and APRS DigiGate Station.

Ten meters

10 meters and APRS Digi Gate Station.

My main hobby, Amateur Radio or Ham radio. I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator and was first licensed by the FCC in 1991, presently I am a General class license holder.

My digi gate station comprised of a Kenwood D710GA Dual band 2 meters/70 centimeter radio and a Windows computer running UI-View32 software to provide digipeater and Internet gateway services for the Automatic Packet Reporting System.

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