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Hillary Clinton for President 2016

Hillary Clinton

It’s high time that the so called leader of the free world should have its first female president. In 2008 Mrs Clinton was pushed aside in favor of Barack Obama, she would have won the presidency that year.

The USA, who has boasted about women’s equality and has all kinds of associations and clubs

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Racism Where?


Race Relation issues reached an all time high, when during the recently concluded campaign season for General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago. Accusations and counter accusation were made by both the UNC and the PNM parties.

The United National Congress led by an Indo-Trini and the People’s National Movement headed by an Afro-Trini brought race

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New Station Managers

Me at  52.....ah finally getting there ...Ent?

Graduation day is finally here. After 11 weeks of intensive training, Class 15-06 finally became full fledged Station Managers on September 2nd 2015. Station Managers are the frontline uniformed personnel you will most likely encounter when you ride the Metro rail in Washington DC. Our class initially started with 28 Students but 5 left the

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Kamliar Faces A Divorce

Kamla and JACK

On May 24th 2010, Kamla Persad Bissessar and her coalition partners soundly defeated Manning’s PNM and entered into a political relationship with the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The PNM was broken hearted, demoralised and visibly depressed and many felt that recovery from its political tabanca was close to impossible given the overwhelming goodwill and

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Trinidad and Tobago Black Muslims


Fat overweight, poor lazy Arse, Afro-Trini man who don’t want to look for a job and hiding behind the cover of religion to commit crimes, and most of them Afro Trini Ketch arse and uneducated man who trying to get a pure virgin Oman.

Most of these common criminal have criminal records for various offences

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Trini's Love Life


Trinidadians and Kamliar have a normal Trini relationship, a love, horning and hate relationship, the only thing them aint get from Kamliar is a good cut arse yet.

In 2010, the population met and fell in love with Kamliar, but as all normal Trinis do, Kamla had a man by she side name Jack, Trinis

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