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Postfix on macOS El Capitan

Postfix set up on macOS El Capitan


I decided to write this little tutorial to help those who want to set up and run Postfix as a mail relay on their Mac Computer for website and webserver development purposes. Lots of hobbyist and people interested in do it yourself and self hosted websites often have problems setting up a postfix as their mail relay program on their developmental webserver.

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Not Sure

Young people job search

So looking thru various facebook Trini Jobs and Vacancies pages, I see lots of people looking for a job or enquiring about jobs. Most of them are young people looking for Jobs. I have to give the young people credit for wanting to work, but at the same time, they need to know how to sell or present themselves or their words on facebook, because you can be judged on what you write.

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Food and Drinks

Whole Wheat Oat Muffins

Wholewheat muffin

Whole Wheat Muffins with Cherry topping.

Not Sure

Trini Funny Men

When I was growing up, there were certain men in every village or town that everyone know who they were. The “cutlass man” used to cut grass in your yard, around the house, the playground and even the side of streets, traces, road and tracks. The “Tanty Man” needs no explanation.

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Trinidadians ISIS

ISIS Criminals in Trinidad and Tobago

Mr Trump!
You doh have to fear dem Trini “muslamic” criminals, Terroristas and ISIS members nah… The only ting in muslam dey understand is allahu ackbar. Everyting else is baccanal and confusion to dem. Dem is ah bunch of jokers, once dem get some Puncheon rum to drink, dem good to go, All dem does do is eat pigfoot souse and bacon from Subway.

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Postfix on macOS El Capitan

Postfix on macOS Sierra


You have been hosting your sites on your Mac computers with macOS El Capitan and now it’s time to upgrade to Apple newest OS, macOS Sierra. Have no fear if you are using Postfix as you mail transfer agent or as a mail relay. I recently upgraded from El Capitan to macOS Sierra and all went smoothly and flawlessly, there was no hiccups with my postfix.

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Doctor "Who"

Doctor Phobia again

And so it is again, that my phobia and distrust of Doctors continues. Just before hitting the shower to get ready to go to my MRI appointment today, my cell started vibrating, I took the call hoping that the Radiologist office was calling me to remind me of my upcoming appointment later today.

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Doctor "Who"

Who is your Doctor?

downtown DC

Having a great phobia about doctors since growing up, recent incidents involving two doctors or doctor’s office I attended in the last 4 months did nothing to change my phobia feelings about doctors. I only go to the doctor when my Job send me, and that is every two years for a physical examination. Other than that, I go no where near doctors.

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