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Plentipeppa News

Setting up mail on MAMP on El Capitan

I’ve only recently switched over to Macs and have found setting up mail sending on the MAc’s MAMP as hard as Windows! So here’s how. Firstly it all needs to be down in the “Terminal” on 01 Sep 2016
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Postfix and Mac OS X El Capitan

Postfix set up on Mac OS X El Capitan


I decided to write this little tutorial to help those who want to set up and run Postfix as a mail relay on their Mac Computer for website and webserver development purposes. Lots of hobbyist and people interested in do it yourself and self hosted websites often have problems setting up a postfix as their mail relay program on their developmental webserver.

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Doctor "Who"

Who is your Doctor?

downtown DC

Having a great phobia about doctors since growing up, recent incidents involving two doctors or doctor’s office I attended in the last 4 months did nothing to change my phobia feelings about doctors. I only go to the doctor when my Job send me, and that is every two years for a physical. Other than that, I go no where near doctors.

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1976 Olympics 100 meter Final


Trinbagonians will never understand or fully comprehend the magnitude of Haseley Crawford great achievement at the Olympics.

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My Hobbies

Remote Control Drone

drone and remote

So recently I started thinking about another hobby to get into, so I went out to the hobby store and bought me a nice little, cheap starter drone that I can practice with. The drone I bought is very cheap one for starters and novices like me, this drone cost under 55.00 US dollars. Even the Remote Controller is larger than the drone itself.

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Yet another year!

another_of _me

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Not Sure

Sir Elton John - Con-fused or Dis-oriented!

Elton John

On one of the very rare occassions, I happened to pay attention to TV, the very first show that came on was a celebration about Elton John of The Beatles fame.

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Some Chupidness

Dotish or Chupid Trinis - Which one?


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