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"Is ah Trini Ting"

A Trini Pay day


Trini dollar

Trinidad and Tobago dollar

A typical pay day in Trinidad and Tobago is when most people get paid. Public Servants as well as most Private sector workers gets paid on the last business day of the Month.

Month end, everybody have money, dem drinking and liming, dey ent have time to make baccanal today.

All dem wajangs taking dey pay and going to hunt down brazillian hair,

Buller men making plenty money this weekend,
Everybody Topping up their phones

Digicel and Bmobile happy.
The Doubles Man happy too.
Everybody pulling bull, because ah wajang want to hire dem to “put down ah Wuk”

Courts and PriceMart happier because wajangs will be overloading their Trolley and Shopping carts with refurbished, rejected, expired food stuff and appliances from the US.

Long lines at by KFC and Subway, wajangs stop cooking a real meal.

Puncheon Rum galore this weekend.

Wajangs who locked down dem pussy for the last few days, unlocking dem pussy this weekend because some men have money now.

Wajangs who were sleeping in jean since the 15th, dem sleeping in panties or bare bamcy now.

And every wajang saying “meh Man or My Man” and those who married saying “my husband” but next two weeks dey calling their husband “the man” or dey addressing the husband as “who he”

All because it’s pay day and man have money now.

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