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Washington DC Museums

African American History Museum in Washington DC


african_american_musuemIs this an insult, a reminder or work of Art…..The New African-American museum under contruction in Washington DC, is enclosed by metal bars or steel beams, which reminds one of the U.S prison system…..This new building is situated under the shadow of the Washington Monument and just under a mile and within view of the White house.
The museum is the only one to be surrounded by bars/ironworks in the DC area.

The African American musuem is now completely built and opened to the public and visitors to the museum cannot missed it presence in the immediate surroundings, for it is the darkest building or the only building of color in that area.

If one was to really pay careful attention to details of the building, you would notice that at the very top of this building, there appears to be what appears to be a watch tower, similar to those observation towers you find at many prison complex all across America.

Was this building designed to send subliminal messages to people of color?

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