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"Is ah Trini Ting"

Illiterate Trinis


This is one of the tings I like most about about Facebook, Trini get to show off how illiterate they have become since Eric Williams died. From a literacy rate hovering around 97 percent in the early 80’s to dumbness, chupidness and fuckery in 2017.

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"Is ah Trini Ting"

Pay day in Trinidad and Tobago

Trini dollar

A typical pay day in Trinidad and Tobago is when most people get paid. Public Servants as well as most Private sector worker gets paid on the last business day of the month.

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"Is ah Trini Ting"

Trinidad Politicians vs the Police

Recent statements made by a Govt Minister in Parliament, negatively impacting the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is a blatant and huge indictment on the Minister of National Security by the Agriculture Minister that has done nothing to stop the importation of agricultural produce into Trinidad and Tobago.

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"Is ah Trini Ting"

Young people job search

So looking thru various facebook Trini Jobs and Vacancies pages, I see lots of people looking for a job or enquiring about jobs. Most of them are young people looking for Jobs. I have to give the young people credit for wanting to work, but at the same time, they need to know how to sell or present themselves or their words on facebook, because you can be judged on what you write.

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