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Doctor "Who"

Doctor Phobia


And so it is again, that my phobia and distrust of Doctors continues.
Just before hitting the shower to get ready to go to my MRI appointment today, my cell started vibrating, I took the call hoping that the Radiologist office was calling me to remind me of my upcoming appointment later today.

As it turned out, the office was calling to inform me that they would have to reschedule my appointment to another day because they did not receive my clinical notes from my referring doctor.
The clinical notes are needed by the insurance company so they can approve the MRI procedure. Failure to receive approval from the insurance can cost me about 400 US dollars in out of pocket expense.

My mind and emotions was all set to go have this MRI done and over with, so I can begin to get treatment for what ever is causing my foot problem.
At the end of the phone call, I was both deflated and elated, deflated because they put off my MRI for another 3 days.

Elated because it has been raining all day and I couldn’t stand the pain of having to walk a few feet, so it probably happened for a good reason the rescheduled my procedure.
Back to deflation, my referring doctor did not send over my clinical. So after couple calls placed by my daughter to the referring doctor, she was told that the doctor was back up on his work, hence the reason for not sending out the notes.

I am sure the Doctor had no backlog in filing a claim to my insurance company to make sure they got paid for seeing me for less than 20 minutes on my first visit.
One and a half week now and the doctor could not find time to send out his clinical notes, thereby causing me some unnecessary stress, rescheduling and time wasted in taking time off from other things.

Who is now going to compensate me for my time? I don’t have an insurance company to file a claim on against the doctor or his staff.

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