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Doctor "Who"

Who is your Doctor?


Having a great phobia about doctors since growing up, recent incidents involving two doctors or doctor’s office I have attended in the last 4 months did nothing to change my phobia feelings about doctors. I only go to the doctor when my Job sends me, and that is every two years for a physical examination. Other than that, I go no where near doctors.

For whatever reasons, I have always kept myself fit and healthy, thinking that may keep me away from the doctor. I have eaten the best healthy and wholesome food my money can buy.
For more than 25 years my diet is mostly plant based and I eat the minimum of processed food I can eat, junk food is not part of my diet.

Recently I decided to use my medical coverage that I have not used in years, so I went to one Doctor in the Bowie Maryland area just outside Washington DC where I live.
This Doctor’s office is the subject of another post I will write about one day. My experience was not a very good one. Probably that Doctor’s office is good otherwise, but I will never recommend that office to anyone.

As one get older in life, your body starts deteriorating slowly but surely and there is nothing to stop the aging process, not even if you are a billionaire. The Bible says we shall surely die, it does not matter what you eat or drink during your lifetime. One thing is sure, death is as sure as sunrise.

So my all bones starting to ache and scream about all the bad treatment they had in the past when I thought I was young and invincible.
Human beings such as the ones like me, tend to forget that payday always come to you for the mismanagement of your body from the past.
So finally one of my several pay days arrived, my foot, from below my knee to my ankle started acting up.

I tried not paying my foot any attention, but as the days slowly went by the pain in my foot slowly intensified, necessitating a visit to yet another doctor.
I duly made an appointment to visit the doctor. At the doctor’s office the Physician’s Assistant said it appears that I have serious tendonitist and recommended three days off from work which I protested, but she said that I have to rest my foot.
The PA also referred me to a Podiatrist down the hall.

Leaving the Doctor’s office, I went nearby to see the Podiatrist but could not been seen that time so I made an appointment for the next day.
Back at the Podiatrist next day, my foot was xrayed and nothing disturbing was found but my pain was so intense, the Doctor said I will have to get an MRI and stay off from work for five days.

Two days later I went to have my MRI done, never having done an MRI in my plenty something old time here on earth. Seriously with all the modern technology around, I think that MRI technology is so clumsy at best.
MRI completed and time to leave, I was given a CD with with scan and told that my Doctor will explain to me in two days time when she received the report.

Two days passed by Doctor did not call, so I called the Doctor’s office to see what the hell was going on, meanwhile am in a lot of pain.
Doctor’s Aide said they did not receive the report yet and that I should call the Radiologist to have my report sent over.

In all my pain, I found some courage to call the Radiologist and was told that my MRI report was sent two days ago, so I enquired to whom it was sent.
The receptionist said it was sent to some Dr. “Who”, I said that’s not my referring doctor.
The receptionist then double checked my records and then informed me that the wrong referred doctor was on my records and she is now updating it and my records will be sent to the right place in 5 minutes.

This is where my Phobia of Doctors continue, am to believe now that the records the Radiologist sent to my Doctor is the correct one?
Am I to believe my diagnosis of my foot pain will be based on my MRI or someone else’s MRI?
I shall certainly discuss that with my Doctor.

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