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"Is ah Trini Ting"

Trini Funny Men


When I was growing up, there were certain men in every village or town that everyone know who they were.

The “cutlass man” used to cut grass in your yard, around the house, the playground and even the side of streets, traces, road and tracks.

The “Tanty Man” needs no explanation.

The “Sweet Man” was everybody Godfather and use to get the best food in the house and used to walk with he kerchief hanging out he back pocket.

The Fisherman was everybody favorite and most Trini children rel daddy, because when you mammy did not have money to pay the fisherman for fish, you mammy used to bull with the fisherman.

Here comes the “Chinee Man”
The chinee man was in Trinidad long, long before Trini Indians, yet them chinese doh have a chinese arrival day.
In Trini culture the chinee man is probably more famous than the crapo, big snake and cobo.

The chinee man history in Trini is as colorful as ah old time carnival Tuesday evening at the Savannah.

Next was the Police man, after god is Police and when I was growing up a Police man was tall and strong and well respected man everywhere he went.
Long time Police men did not not have much education but they could read and write proper and they never drink rum openly.
They always tell the shop keeper to wrap up the drink.

Let’s not forget all about the “Snow Cone Man because he was plenty chirren daddy, god father and step father too.

Now fast forward to 2017 all these men have disappeared or taken on new roles or transformed themselves.

The cutlass man is now the Wacker Man,
The Tanty man is now a fullfledge bullerman,
We even have a buller man MP and ah Buller man has even gotten a National Award for hairdressing, whilst real men who put their lives on the line everyday, all they get is lock up.

The Sweet Man is now the Horner Man who bulling Mother and daughter.

Nowadays you can hardly find the Snow Cone man, he dont sell snow cone any more, he now selling Doubles, guns and “teef tings”

The Chinee man still dey, he not selling rum to wajangs any more, all he selling them is dead dog and old food and your lil puppy or pothound still scared of the chinee man although it does play with everyone else.

The Police man is no longer respected, although he is still the Warrant man, he is now the buller man, the Criminal Muslim Man, the gangster man, the Wacker man, the gun man and the drugs man.

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