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Hillary Clinton for President 2016


It’s high time that the so called leader of the free world should have its first female president.
In 2008 Mrs Clinton was pushed aside in favor of Barack Obama, she would have won the presidency that year.

The USA, who has boasted about women’s equality and has all kinds of associations and clubs speaking about the rights of women in the USA, still feels it not the right time for a woman to become president of this great nation.
This may probably Mrs Clinton last shot at the white house unless she is rightfully elected president in 2016.

The USA need not fear having a woman as the head of state of this great nation. Since the middle of the 20th century, women has been head of state and or head of government in a number of countries around the world. Most of these women did a very good job at governing their countries be it in time of crisis or not.

One has to believe that if Mrs Clinton is not elected to highest office in the land, it will be a very long time again before another woman rises to the level of Mrs Clinton.
We might very well see an openly gay man become a president before we see a female President of the USA.

Africa, which has a male dominated culture recently elected its first woman Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as head of state in war torn Liberia.
Other countries, such as the Jewish state, Muslim countries like Pakistan, Hindu countries like India, and Buddhist countries like Sri Lanka, all had female head of state, and or governments headed by Women.

Critics of Mrs Clinton are quick to point out the lies, cover ups and conspiracies of the Clintons. Which Government, leader, culture, or community does not have lies, cover ups and conspiracies about them?

Mrs Clinton would have been the first Female president of the USA in 2008 had it not been for cover ups, lies and conspiracies to let her step aside in favor of Barack Obama, who had much cover up and conspiracies about his birth record and his religion.

Mrs Clinton, 2016 is your year and you will be elected President in 2016 and the conspiracies will start anew.
This will be an historic occasion for the USA, because it will be the first and only time in American history where there will be a current president and a former president residing at the white house and probably sleeping in the same bed.

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