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"Is ah Trini Ting"

ISIS Criminals in Trinidad and Tobago


Trini Muslamic Criminals

Mr Trump!
You doh have to fear dem Trini “muslamic” criminals, Terroristas and ISIS members nah…
The only ting in muslam dey understand is allahu ackbar.
Everyting else is baccanal and confusion to dem.

Dem is ah bunch of jokers, once dem get some Puncheon rum to drink, dem good to go,
All dem does do is eat pigfoot souse and bacon from Subway. Dem does eat ham and blood pudding too.

Dem “Muslamic” criminals have criminal records, them waiting to attend court or get killed by Police or other criminals.

All dem “muslamic” criminals doing is breeding multiple oman and cutting them arse if dey see them talking to ah next man.

Dey breed ah lot of underaged girls in the name of “muslam”

These muslamic criminals go around robbing and killing their own people in order to satisfy other “muslamic Wajangs”
lust for brazillian hair, weave, latest samsung phones and top ups and to pay the bailors who stand their bail when they commit crimes.

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