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Young people job search


So looking thru various facebook Trini Jobs and Vacancies pages, I see lots of people looking for a job or enquiring about jobs.

Most of them are young people looking for Jobs.
I have to give the young people credit for wanting to work, but at the same time, they need to know how to sell or present themselves or their words on facebook, because you can be judged on what you write.

Young people need to stop using internet slang language and incomplete or half of words.

Next they need to know that just by putting that they have 10 O’level and 6 A’s or CXC does not always cut it.

Having all these passes does not guarantee you a job. Sometimes you have to sell yourself by telling any possible employer what skill you have and how you employ your skills apart or together with your passes.

Some of you people don’t get call for interview or inboxed for a job just by how you formulate words on Facebook.

Remember it’s a very competitive world out there for jobs. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to find that job, you might need to change enviroment or make some sacrifice especially travel time.

So please just dont post ” Hi my name is Shit n am lookin 4 a job n I have 8 CXC and 4 A’ level”

Explain briefly what your passes are.
I dont know how seriously Trinis take volunteering but voluteering give you practical knowledge and experiences.

Where I currently resides, the easiest way to get a job is to volunteer you services, you get much need experience and exposure.

I have known people who have been hired after only two weeks volunteering and it was not their educational qualification that got them hired, it was their work ethic and demeanor toward work.

In Trini I know everybody want to be paid for what they do.
If you happen to do volunteer work, have it documented and signed by the company or institution you volunteer for and always include your volunteer work on your resume.

Ok now go take a drink ah puncheon on this one and go sleep and get up and start a new job search and take my dotish, chupid advice and you might get your dream job.

Remember, your employers will be your mammy and daddy, they will teach you things you probably never learnt at home, like manners, etiquette, ethics and decorum.

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