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Postfix on macOS El Capitan

Postfix on macOS Sierra


You have been hosting your sites on your Mac computers with macOS El Capitan and now it’s time to upgrade to Apple newest OS, macOS Sierra. Have no fear if you are using Postfix as you mail transfer agent or as a mail relay.

I recently upgraded from El Capitan to macOS Sierra and all went smoothly and flawlessly, there were no hiccups with my postfix. For those of you who might be setting up postfix for the first time on macOS, I recommend that you follow my little tutorial here unless you are good with terminal line command tools.

There are other good tutorials on line, just do a Google search and plenty of good tutorials should appear but they all point to setting up postfix  thru terminal command line. Upgrading from El Capitan to macOS Sierra should pose no serious problem.

Just a bit of sideshow, I no longer use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other free mail service as my mail relay when setting up Postfix. I use one of my own domain email as my mail relay.

I have my own email server set up using macOS server app 5.2 which can be downloaded from the App Store. I encourage everyone who plans to host their own site to also run their own email server as well, it’s not too difficult, it is very educational and fun and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

You have already spent so much money on buying a Mac computer, you are paying an Internet bill, so why should you pay a Web hosting fee when your Mac can host your sites and email server. All you have to do is invest a couple hours not even as much as you spend on Facebook doing nothing.

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