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My Remote Control Drone


So recently I started thinking about another hobby to get into, so I went out to the hobby store and bought me a nice little, cheap starter drone that I can practice with.

The drone I bought is a very cheap one, the ones that are good for starters and novices like me, this drone cost under 55.00 US dollars. Even the Remote Controller is larger than the drone itself.


My little starter drone.

Two decades ago, I started flying Remote Controlled gas powered model planes. My ultimate goal was to fly a RC gas powered model Helicopter, but never got around to doing that.

Other things took up my time and interest and I soon got interested in the internet. Shopping for computer parts, building and repairing computers occupied all my time.

Now back to the Drone story. With the proliferation drones and the every dropping prices of Drones, I decided that now is the time I should try something new.

The reason I got that size drone is because I did not want to invest too much too early, knowing I dont have any experience flying drones.

I have been practicing flying my tiny drone in the confined area of my living room, practicing landing and lift off.
Sometimes I practice flying, landing and lift off from on my small bed, hoping to build the much needed skills I desire.

I am having so much fun with my new found toy and hobby and hopefully as soon as I can master the Controller and the drone,
I will be investing in a much bigger and expensive drone.
So for the meantime no more Iphones, Mac Mini or Ipads and one day, I still hope to get that gas powered RC model Helicopter.

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