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Trinidad Politicians vs Police


Recent statements made by a Govt Minister in Parliament, negatively impacting the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is a blatant and huge indictment on the Minister of National Security by the Agriculture Minister that has done nothing to stop the importation of agricultural produce into Trinidad and Tobago.

The Attack on The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service by this Official is bent on further demoralizing the Police Service and sowing seeds of discontentment and distrust between the Police and the General and helpless population.

This Official seems to not know that the Police Service is a Protective and Law Enforcement arm of the State’s National Security apparatus.

It would not surprise me, if one day, information comes into the Public Domain that this minister was paid by the Syrian/Lebonese mafia in Trinidad who are seeking total control of the security services of the State.
The Syrians already have a defacto Police Service In Trinidad already, it’s called Amalgamated Security,that is their militia.

The Syrians already control Customs and the prisons system. They determine what goes into the prison and which prison get what.
They control the distribution of drugs and guns throughout the prison system.

The Syrian/Lebonese connection virtually controls all the Foreign Exchange that is available.
They now have an Attorney General who looks after and protect their interest, they are now seeking to further destabilize and Neutralize the Police Service that sometimes intercept their drugs, money and guns they import into the country under the watchful eyes of corrupt friends and associates in the Customs.

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