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Station Managers

Graduation Day


Graduation day is finally here.
After 11 weeks of intensive training, class 15-06 finally became full fledged Station Managers on September 2nd 2015
Station Managers are the frontlined uniformed personnel you will most likely encounter when you ride the Metro rail in Washington DC.

Our class initially started with 28 Student but 5 left the training on their own and returned to their previous position within the Company.

During our training we were exposed to the different types of procedures we are required to perform to safely and competently manage our assigned station.
Station Managers are responsible for opening and closing the stations on time, evacuating a station in cases of smoke or fire or any emergencies that may warrant an evacuation.

Station Managers provides Stellar Customer Services to anyone who may be riding the Metro rail, apart from providing good customer services. Station Managers are expected to perform basic CPR and First Aid to customers who may get sick or have been injured whilst riding the Metro.

Apart from just providing Stellar Customer Services, Station Manager performs administrative task like writing reports of incidents of various nature that may occur in and around the station.
Station Manager also check the safety and the security of the station and report anything abnormal.

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