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DC Lawless Children

Unruly and lawless Children on Washington DC Metro Rails


When will WMATA and the District of Columbia get tough on juveniles who cause disruptions on the Orange, Blue and Silver lines everyday.

Will Metro and the District wait until some kids get killed or severely injured before they take some kind of actions.

Every night, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, DC’s Lawless children from south east cause massive disruptions on the Orange, Blue and Silver lines between L’Enfant Plaza to Minnesota Ave Stations.
These Kids, mainly Afro American from the various neighborhoods along the lines go marauding on the trains, they hold the doors of the trains open, so the trains cannot move.


A Train on the platform in Downtown Washington

These lawless children put Train personnel, passengers and themselves at great personal risk by jumping down on the tracks, running or walking along the train tracks.

DC’s lawless children ride the trains at night and assault passengers on the trains and on the platforms.
These juveniles open the seatwell of the trains and take out the emergency equipment, flares and fire extinguishers. They then discharge the fire extinguishers on the trains and on the platforms causing panic among the passengers.

On one particular Saturday night, a group of 20 to 30 kids both boys and girls went marauding on trains on the blue and orange lines.
On another night, 3 teenagers assaulted a customer on the train, they then got off the train and started walking and running along the tracks in an attempt to evade Police.

Operating Trains along the blue and orange lines from L’Enfant to Minnesota Ave is a very testing time for Train Operators, as they have to constantly be on the look out for children running, walking or jumping down on the tracks.
Will Metro wait till passengers or lawless children get killed or injured before they do something to stop the lawlessness on the orange and blue lines.

These lawless kids get into the system by just walking thru the gates, they don’t pay and some of them even threatens the Station Managers on duty.

DC’s Lawless children run thru station, turning over garbage cans, scattering passenger information, bulletins and schedules all over the stations with impunity.

Where are the people who complains about black lives matters…..please tell these kids that black discipline and good behavior matters too.

Very soon if something is not done about this situation, that puts the safety of Train Operators and passenger at risk, we may very well hear about someone getting killed on the rails.

It’s about time Metro!

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