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Whole Wheat Oat Muffins


Wholewheat muffin

Whole Wheat Muffins with Cherry topping.

Just wanted to showcase two healthy and homemade snacks.
I used to love muffins especially when it is done right and well baked.
Another favorite of mine is Trinidadian Kurma (known as mithai in Guyana).
Not everyone can make Kurma to my likeness and taste. I love my kurma with ginger and spices.
I also love my kurma too be crunchy, not too soft and not to hard.
Kurma or mithai

Kurma made to my likeness and taste

Trini delicasy made with cassava, sweet potato, pumpkin, coconut and spices.
Another favorite of mine.


Trini delicasy – Pone

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