One of my favorite fruit.


Papaya or Paw Paw

I eat just like that or I make Papaya chow by adding salt, pepper, lime juice, Chandon beni, some olive oil and even some chive to it, depending on the taste I want on any given day.

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10 meters and APRS DigiGate Station.

Ten meters

10 meters and APRS Digi Gate Station.

My main hobby, Amateur Radio or Ham radio. I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator and was first licensed by the FCC in 1991, presently I am a General class license holder.

My digi gate station comprised of a Kenwood D710GA Dual band 2 meters/70 centimeter radio and a Windows computer running UI-View32 software to provide digipeater and Internet gateway services for the Automatic Packet Reporting System.

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Tambran balls


Tamarind balls, popularly known as “Tambran ball”
Tambran balls

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Amateur Radio Satellites


Kenwood Th D72

Kenwood TH D72

Today, May 28th 2019 I got a taste of ham radio satellite communications.
Using just a handheld Kenwood TH D72 dual band radio, I was able to hear my call sign being repeated by another ham radio operator.

Unfortunately I was unable to correctly copy the operator’s call sign.
This was my very first time trying to communicate via satellite, by the way, that satellite designation was AO 92 with a downlink frequency of 145.88 mhz and uplink frequency of 435.35 on FM.

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