Snow Storm POTA Activation at K-7973


My first snow Parks on the Air activation.
When I woke up this morning and looked outside, there was a dusting of snow, so I decided to go do a quick activation of K-0928 Fort McHenry National Monument and Shrine in Baltimore, Maryland.

When I got there, the park was closed due to heavy snow fall in the area.
I decided that I have to find another park and one that was most likely to be opened 24/7.

Snow Storm

Working FT8 during the Snow Storm at K-7973

I then took the 95 South and then unto the 295 that will eventually be the Baltimore Washington Parkway with a POTA reference number K-7973, which runs thru K-0668 Greenbelt Park.

The roadway was treacherous because of the amount of snow that was falling, at one point, visibility was reduced to about 100 meters, there were cars in ditches and trees laying across or partially on the Parkway.
Traffic was in single lane and traffic moving no more that a couple feet every five minutes.


Downed tree that was across the Parkway

I finally got to my destination and set up my radio equipments and computer for FT8. I made about 47 contacts on FT8 on different bands. I then switched over to SSTV and made one contact.

I then completed my first snow storm POTA activation by making 4 contacts via the RS-44 satellite. By this time, the snow had stopped falling and I was ready to make my return trip back home.

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